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ICA Mobile in Japan in 2016

We had a great conference in Puerto Rico in 2015 and are headed to Fukuoka, Japan in 2016:

Click to access 2016CFP.pdf

ICA Mobile pre-conference workshop in Seattle, May 21-22, 2014

I’m helping to organize the following conference workshop; if you are a mobile researcher, you should be there. …

Call for Papers
11th Annual ICA Mobile Pre-conference Workshop
Mobile Research for Building a Better World
May 21 – 22, 2014
Seattle, WA
Mobile communication focuses on the intersection of mobility, place, technology, and culture, against a backdrop of rapid international economic and social change. The past decade of research on mobile communication has expanded on topics such as the reordering of social relationships, the global diffusion of mobile media, and the societal and psychological effects of mobile usage. This uniquely situates mobile communication for an interdisciplinary pre-conference to address positive and negative impacts of mobile-mediated communication in society. In the 11th ICA Mobile Pre-conference Workshop, in the lush Pacific Northwest, we want to reflect upon the positive and negative aspects brought to our lives by this rapid spread of mobile communication, through the theme of “Mobile Research for Building a Better World.” Complementing the main conference theme, we expect participants to promote various definitions of “the good life” – such as capital enhancement, personal freedoms, social justice, more productive interactions, and stronger social ties – or factors that impede it. We anticipate a broad range of topics in mobile communication and welcome abstracts based on empirical and theoretical work entwined with mobile communication as it relates to:
  • International contexts
  • International development
  • Health
  • Social media
  • Cultural differences
  • Gender
  • Local culture and heritage
  • Learning and education
  • Journalism
  • Activism and social movements
  • Politics
  • Civic engagement
  • Usability issues
  • Methodologies

Submission Information

Submissions are welcomed from scholars at all stages of their careers, and across multiple disciplines engaged in research on mobile communication. Submissions should be extended abstracts of no more than 750 words and be in Word doc/docx or PDF format. Submissions will be accepted through email to The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM EST on November 18, 2013. Papers will be judged by peer review on criteria of relevance and originality of topic, adequacy of literature review and methodology, legitimacy of conclusions, clarity of presentation, as well as fit with — and contribution to — the conference theme. Notifications on acceptance will be emailed in early January.


Best Paper Award

An award for the best paper will be given at this event. Only full papers submitted by the spring deadline for full paper submission (March 31st, 2014) will be considered for this award.



The mobile pre-conference will be held at the University of Washington. Transportation to the venue from the conference hotel will be provided at the beginning and end of each day’s events. Additionally, the venue is accessible by public transportation.

Mobile app use survey by ApiGee

Mobile app use survey by ApiGee

A look at smartphone users

Dystopian cartoon about mobile heritage

Dystopian cartoon about mobile heritage

Courtesy of Joe Heller

Words that rhyme with mobile …

In case you were trying to write a poem, or something like that, not many choices (from

1 syllable:

2 syllables:

3 syllables:

4 syllables:
paso doble 

Added: Rock Art on Mobile Phones (RAMP)

RAMP brings photographs, diagrams and commentaries about rock art directly to your mobile phone when you’re out in the Northumberland countryside.”’s niche in the world

This site is a resource designed primarily for scholars interested in studying storytelling through the medium of mobile devices, including phones, tablets, AR glasses, etc. … I am going to try to keep this clean and clear, with direct access to categories such as conferences, statistics, and scholars of note. If you think I’m missing something or someone important, please let me know.  

Moving here from Blogger …

After a couple of years of maintaining these resources via Blogger (and attracting more than 10,000 page views on that system), I’ve decided to try a new format, which I think will be a bit more user friendly. Thank you to research assistant Josh Wagner for porting over many of these links. Also, thank you to Joe Oppegaard for his continued backend support of this project. … If you want to add a resource to this list, just send me a message, via my Twitter link, or email. Thanks for your interest in mobile storytelling!